Downtown Revitalization
•  Use TIF funds to invest in infrastructure and streetscape improvements
•  Seek grant funds to build a multi-modal transportation facility
•  Solve parking problems, possibly through construction of a parking garage
•  Enact necessary zoning changes to set an expectation of quality for new development

•  Encourage formation of neighborhood associations that can advocate for residents
•  Preserve and rehabilitate residential neighborhoods
•  Seek additional incentives for conversion of rental houses to single-family use
•  Ensure high-quality housing for all residents through code updates and enforcement

Public Safety
•  Reduce Crime
   •  Encourage and facilitate participation in the Neighborhood Watch program
   •  Focus police resources on violent and property crimes
   •  Continue to support youth programs and organizations that help prevent crime
•  Improve Police-Community Relations
   •  Strongly encourage police officers to live in the city
   •  Review police policies governing use of force
   •  Consider establishing a civilian review board
•  Improve Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
   •  Adopt a Complete Streets policy
   •  Update bikeway plan and add bike lanes where possible
   •  Add sidewalks where they do not exist
   •  Pursue traffic calming strategies throughout the city

•  Increase city government’s use of solar energy
•  Institute a policy requiring energy efficiency in city buildings
•  Convert city vehicles to run on natural gas
•  Improve the city’s recycling program and introduce incentives for participation
•  Initiate a tree planting campaign throughout the city

Budget and Taxes
•  Protect essential city services while protecting the city’s fiscal integrity
•  Seek efficiencies that improve productivity where available
•  Raise taxes as a last resort to avoid cuts to essential services

Business and Economy
•  Focus city government’s efforts on the growth of locally-owned businesses
•  Support and encourage the growth of value-added agricultural businesses
•  Collaborate with existing major employers to encourage growth and investment
•  Enhance the role entertainment and the arts play in Carbondale’s economy

Town-Gown Relations
•  Improve and formalize cooperation and collaboration between SIU and the city
•  Establish partnerships with SIU to improve housing, neighborhoods, and transit
•  Reconnect SIU to the city’s street grid where possible